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Irshadiyya senior secondary Public School is an English Medium School for boys and girls, owned by Irshadiyya Charitable Trust founded in 1991. It is Located at Koovalloor, kothamangalam, Ernakulam district, Kerala. The school started functioning from 1995. Admission is opened to all children irrespective of their cast, creed and religion.

Irshadiyya Islamic and Secular Studies

An English Medium Public School was started in the CBSE pattern. Scholarship is given to economically backward pupils. At present more than 1000 students are studying here from LKG to Std. XII. Here we use the most modern methods and teaching aids under the care and control of able and educated teachers.

We are teaching our Public School students holy Quraan, Hadees, Fiqah, Islamic history, Thasavuf other Islamic studies and gives practical training also to inculcate and develop Islamic culture and bias along with secular studies. Our aim is to make able educated and talented Muslims who can keep their heads in the world horizon.

A four storied building to an estimated cost of Rs 10 million is planned and has completed the first storey with an expense of Rs.2.5 million and the construction of other storey are in progress.

Irshadiyya Hifzul Quraan College

Quraan College helps the students to study holy Quraan by heart and also the scientific and scholarly approach to study the meaning and criticism of each holy verse of holy Quraan.

We also provide adult education and Hostel fascilities for foreign students in the same campus.

International Institute of Computer and Technology

Knowledge of computer technology has become essential for every common man to cope up with the pace of the new millennium. Mastering of Computer technology is a must for the development of not only our country but also the whole world. We also intend to contribute our share for the development of our country and to make our future generation competent enough for global careers. In view of this we have started an institute to prepare candidates for university level courses in the international standards

Masjidul Ansar

This is a beautiful Musjid having capacity to accommodate 1000 people at a time for prayer. This Musjid is under construction with an expenditure of Rs. 1.5 million for one floor, sponsored by Sheik AL- Mansari in the name of his late beloved uncle. This project is expected to complete by the end of this year.

Irshadiyya Islamic Bankers

These bank provdes interest free loans to the poor sections of society for building houses, Marriage of poor women and widows, medical aids etc. We are very happy to say that we have utilized many opportunities to help poor and needy people so far.


The orphanage gives free food, accommodation, medical, clothing and educational equipments to those orphans who are identified by Musjid committee. We are teaching them holy Quraan, Hadees, Fiqah, Islamic history, Thasavuf other Islamic and secular studi

Ongoing Projects

Irshadiyya Arabic English Academy

This academy gives admission to those students who have secured a minimum of 60% mark in the secondary examinations and are smart and good enough to learn. They will be taught for Maulavi Fazil Degree Computer Masters Degree, Diploma in Journalism and also to make them capable of handling of 3 R’s of English, Urdu and Arabic and also to give lectures in these languages. This is a 7 years course. It is expected to stars from April 2000. Estimated coast of Rs. 8 million for 3 storied with cellar. Cellar floor has been completed spending Rs. 2 million and started functioning

Self Financing Engineering and Medical College

We are planning to start self financing Engineering and Medical Colleges as a second stage of Irshadiyya, for those students who pass the higher secondary examination with high marks. The expected expenditure is Rs. 10 billion. We will let you know the full details in due course.

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Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi. No 930275 Kovalloor.P.O , Kothamangalam, Eranakulam Dt.

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